PURE Philosophy

The RusseQuellefactory was founded in 2010. It was the result of cooperation with Austrian and Italian companies. The Idea of RusseQuelleConcept is an Absolut Purity.

The RusseQuelle water originates from the small but
very famous city Gorokhovets of Vladimir Region. Reserved Territory with ecological welfare, sprouting virgin Springs is a well-known from the XIV Century as a Spring Valley. The water from this region had been supplied not only to the native people, but also to the Royal Court of Ivan IV (The Terrible).

Nowadays the technological process is so simple and pure that we use only a Coal Filters and strict Purity standards of water production. The water structure is absolutely natural without any artificial changes. We sincerely wish to deliver you refreshing Particle of our Mineral Spring.

PURE Design

Architecture – is the Music in space. It is the dance of the Forms and Figures, designed to please the Human Eye and solve practical tasks. Aspiration to create beautiful shapes always inherent in man. Throughout the history constructing magnificent buildings, people comprehended mathematics, geometry and esthetics. Perhaps, due to this we are leaving in a world where the Form and Content are equally valuable.

The basis of laconic bottle design is the high cone. The form of the RusseQuelle bottle is highly convenient, it naturally fits the human hand and very stable on the surface.

By the way, pure and clear contour of the RusseQuelle bottle reminds us the Crystal perfection – Essence of the spring mineral water RusseQuelle.

PURE Energy

The morning Jog takes about three thousand calories. Roughly the same calorie level is in two juicy Apples. However, please think about your First Idea after intensive workout – is it an Apple or Water? The answer is obvious – your choice is a Water. Even though it has no calories – the Water is metabolic process stimulator, including those, which bring us a Strength. Therefore, especially after active trainings, get the opportunity to please yourself with a breath of pure, natural spring mineral water RusseQuelle. Water is recommended for daily usage without any Limits.

The balanced composition of the water RusseQuelle naturally formed; make the mineral water as an indispensable companion of active Life and sport Trainings.

It is recommended to drink RusseQuelle water daily without any risk to its Health caused by the high level of minerals.

PURE Taste

The Factory has been supplied with Brand New equipment. For production of Water we use proven for Centuries technology. Via special chutes the Water runs from the Oak Capping. While this operation the water saturates with an oxygen. From the Oak Capping the water pumps-up to the bottling line. Before the bottling we use Coal Filter. We do not use any chemical or structural purification. According to the researches the RusseQuelle water is Ideal with it’s Mineral Composition. And we proud with this natural Product.

The Research Scientific Institute for Balneology recommends spring mineral water RusseQuelle for daily use.

The hydrocarbonate water properties promote natural digestion. It improves the metabolism especially while the hangover.

PURE Motion

The motion – is a good idea to explore the world around us, connect one phenomena to another and discover something new. What is the nature of the craving for motion? Perhaps, this secret hasn’t been disclosed yet, as well as the puzzle of the Universe creature. From the other hand, just look at the rapid stream of the punching creek and you will fill the answer to the question “Why we are so kin of motion”.

The motion of the RusseQuelle water occurs through the thick layers of Earth with more than hundreds of meters. With a purpose of natural Filter the layers of limestone and clay give the water Pure taste with unique mineral composition

Mineral water RusseQuelle is recommended for daily usage by Russian Research Institute of Balneology.
The properties of hydrocarbon water promote the natural digestion and human body operation. It improves metabolism especially after “Heavy Hangover”.

Mineral composition:
Spring Temperature: 3,5 ℃   •   рН-level: 7,2   •   Dry residual: 320 mg/l

Mineral Content (mg/l)
Silicium (Si): 5   •   Calcium (Ca): 68   •   Sulphates (SO2): 6,5   •   Chlorides: 4,6   •   Sodium (Na): 10
Magnum (Mg): 29   •   Potassium (K): 0,1   •   Fluorine (F): 0,3   •   Selenium (Se) < 0,01

PURE Russequelle

It takes months or may be more to prepare a Perfect Brilliant, before it shines for the sophisticated Audience. Experienced Jeweler doesn’t spare time and efforts – he knows how valuable his Absolute Mastery. Like Great Masters we confess advertence to everything around the Quality of the RusseQuelle Water. Our main Goal is to deserve the Recognition of every single Person on the Planet Earth who have ever tasted mineral water RusseQuelle.

The RusseQuelle factory is a brand new production. To collect spring water from the earth we use a unique and proven for century’s technology. Water flows to the oak vessel through the special grooves where it enriches with oxygen.
From the wooden vessel the spring water directed to the bottling line. Before bottling we purify water by the coal and microbiological filters. We do not make any chemical or structural changes and filtrations. According to the researches the RusseQuelle mineral water is naturally Perfect and ideal. It is such a product we are highly Proud of.

Russequelle History

In the middle of the Ancient Russia, where the two great Regions Vladimir and Nizhny Novgorod meets each other, through the thickness of the land breeds broke into the light the wonderful Spring with extraordinary purity and unique mineral content.


In the Middle Ages the population of the City Gorohovets supplied mineral water to the Palace of the King Ivan IV (The Terrible). The water RusseQuelle is famous at the present time with it’s pleasant taste and feelings. Merchants from Vladimir and Nizhny Novgorod valued RusseQuelle water and supplied it to the different parts for Russia.
The water is also very helpful for those who addicted with delicious Food and those who loves to spend time drinking strong beverages. Drinking the RusseQuelle mineral water before you go sleep and after wake up will bring you a pleasant mood and strengthen your immunity.

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